OUR offer

meet demand hassle free

Meet growing demand for charge points in a safe and professional manner. Save time and money by transferring technology, regulatory and operational risk to an experienced operator.

service scope

outsourced service delivery

We act as a single point of access for all your charging needs. We provide and operate turnkey charging amenities including design, hardware provision, operations,maintenance and end-to-end software.


> distribution capacity assessment
> developing growth scenarios
> developing infra deployment plan
> system design
> procurement & installation
> facility commissioning


> remote equipment monitoring
> 24x7 customer support
> planned maintenance
> breakdown maintenance
> expansions and buildout of infra
> replacement and removals


> point of contact for end users
> contracting party with end users
> billing, collection and admin
> settlement of energy costs
> management and reporting
> claims handling

charging stations

> max 22 kW output
> stations equipped with MID meters
> sourced from EU
> integrated safety (RCD)
> convenient user interface
> charge with any pass

distribution system

> grid capacity enhancement
> modifications to existing site infra
> busbars or distribution panels
> breakers and safety equipment
> electrical cabling
> facility commissioning

control equipment

> measurement devices
> communication equipment
> smart charging
> emergency stop
> integration with BMI

infrastructure setup

local charging network


The solution involves installation of distribution system that has reach throughout the carpark. As and when demand emerges, often randomly, such parking space can be easily and cost effectively equipped with a charging station, which is then connected to the distribution system.

parking regime

Parking spaces are reserved for individuals, as typically seen in residential/apartment buildings.

11kW ~ 3.7kW
power per CHARGE POINT

Typically at residential locations, where vehicles have 10-12 hour dwell

infrastructure setup

charging plaza


This solution involves the installation of a distribution system to cater to the needs but only in a specific area of the carpark. As the number of electric vehicles grows, and consequent demand for charging grows, the number of charging stations are increased, all supplied from the distribution system.  

parking regime

Parking spaces are shared between all users of the carpark, as typically seen in office buildings.

22kW ~ 5.5kW
power per CHARGE POINT

Typically at workplace locations, where vehicles have 4-6 hr dwell, this range easily meets demand.


well taken care off

Charging infrastructure is multi-disciplinary and requires ongoing involvement. We will take care of it all.


Scalability is a key design consideration ensuring lowest cost of ownership as the infrastructure scales with demand.


Compliant with NEN standards, integrated with the fire detection system and equipped with emergency stops.


Equipped with smart charging technology to better utilize grid connection capacity and local  distribution infrastructure.


Risk and reward are mapped out and transparently allocated between parties in long term service contract.

elevate service experience - eradicate inconvenience

Set service objectives - leave the nitty gritty involved in the set-up and delivery of charging services to Collectric