infrastructure is our business  

Meeting requirements in terms of safety, availability, affordability, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, economic feasibility and scalability requires a specialist provider.


a collaboration that brings unbeatable value  

Along the way we’ve forged partnerships with organizations who share our ambition to offer best value to our customers. Notable among them is BAM Energie & Water, one of the leading providers of installation and maintenance services in the Netherlands.  

BAM’s competence in performing both civil and electrical works, ensures that different aspects of the job can all be handled under one umbrella, be it ground works, extensive modifications to or placement of new distribution systems or integration of charging infrastructure with existing safety automation systems. 

With a dedicated team of specialists, you can rest assured that infrastructure is properly installed and serviced, now and well into the future.   


committed to a new infrastructure segment

Availability of adequate charging infrastructure is essential for the transition to clean mobility. Creating and sustaining this infrastructure will require significant investments. For investment to take place, installations have to be technically sound, contractual structures have to be robust and underlying economics have to be self-sustaining.  

The founding team of Collectric have a background in infrastructure development. Prior to Collectric, they participated in the development of significant infrastructure projects, from LNG import terminals, unmanned fuel stations, to bulk storage and handling infrastructure.

This experience underpins the professionalism that Collectric brings to the table in serving customers and establishing “dwell charging” as a new infrastructure segment.   


accelerate the transition to clean mobility

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to clean mobility by unlocking the  potential of car parks as an ideal charging location. This acreage holds enormous potential in terms of convenience and affordability.

We believe believe that all elements needed to deliver charging services are best integrated under one umbrella for a smooth, hassle-free service experience.


do it once - do it well

Our experience tells us, its better to focus on quality rather than on quantity. We have spent many years developing and honing our solutions (be it from a technical, financial or contractual perspective) such that they can stand the test of time. Once we enter into an agreement, the typical issues with charging become a thing of the past.

stakeholder solutions

Our solutions were built taking into account needs of all stakeholders, a requisite for an efficient and frictionless service experience.


They say devil is in the details. With our all inclusive approach, worry not how it comes together - set the vision and we take care of it all.

best value

Cheap in short-term can turn out expensive in the long-run. With a focus on quality and longevity, we offer unmatched value.


Our approach factors in the upcoming changes and builds in flexibility to keep infrastructure relevant over the next 15- 20 years.

elevate service experience - eradicate inconvenience

Set service objectives - leave the nitty gritty involved in the set-up and delivery of charging services to Collectric