Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What if there are some charging stations already in place?

Collectric operates those charging stations until they reach the end of their useful life. Thereafter those stations are replaced with new stations supplied by Collectric.

2. What happens if electricity demand (site load plus charging services) exceeds the site connection capacity?

We assist in expanding connection capacity and qualify what this means in terms of costs to support the investment decision.

3. What happens if a station is defective or at the end of its useful life?

We repair and replace stations in conformity with agreed service terms to ensure continuous and reliable operations. The costs of associated with the works may be for Collectric's account or the owner's account depending on the type of contract structure.

4. Which brand of charging stations do you install?

We work with various manufacturers and will select and install charging stations that best fit with project specifics. These are typically made in EU and carry all necessary certifications.

5. How does a property owner make sure Collectric’s installation is consistent with local technical requirements?

We submit all technical details pertaining to the design for review prior to start of works and provide an completion report upon delivery in conformity with NEN requirements.

6. What charging speeds are available at your charging stations?

We specify maximum charging speed and commit to uphold a minimum per charge point in case of full occupancy. We typically provide stations that can charge at a max of 11kW at residential locations  and 22kW for commercial locations.

7. How reliable is your charging infrastructure and what is the uptime?

We will commit to 95% uptime. Operations are monitored 24/7 and malfunctions are automatically addressed either remotely (through our service desk) or on site (through our installation partner).

8. Who can use your charging infrastructure?

We will typically enable use for all commonly available charging passes. At customer’s request we can enable exclusive use for a limited number of charging passes.

9. How do you address changes in electricity costs?

We regularly adjust charging tariffs to address changes is electricity costs. As ACM compliance requires that EV-drivers be informed upfront of charging costs, floating rates can't be implemented.