A home owners association championing a thorny dossier



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Kraanbolwerk is a residential complex consisting of 130 owner-occupied and rented houses and apartments. The complex has been on an island adjacent to Zwolle’s lively city center. Kraanbolwerk’s industrial past has been an inspiration for this eye-catching inner-city development as can be traced from its architecture and materials used. Residents of Kraanbolwerk share an underground car park with 180spaces that runs underneath the entire complex.


When construction works on Kraanbolwerk started in 2014, EV adoption was still in its infancy. At the time providing residents easy access to charge points at their private parking spaces was not a common school of thought. By 2019, as homes were being delivered to buyers, the transition to e-mobility was in full swing, and the stakeholders acknowledged that a service provider who could meet the charging needs of residents was needed. Collectric took the initiative to come up with a solution.

Retrofitting the existing car park with a central distribution system required a number of technical, financial and contractual hurdles to be crossed. Eventually it took parties close to 24 months to align all stakeholders, agree contracts and start installation works.  

A key feature of the solution was the financing of modifications to the site distribution infrastructure, clearing a major hurdle as the young homeowner association (‘HOA’) lacked both the necessary funds and an EV-driving majority to invest in a structural solution. Collectric worked out the necessary contractual suite and liaised with the HOA on matters pertaining to implementation.

Upon the HOA formally appointing Collectric as EV-charging service provider, commenced installation works. In the first year already a fair number of households opted for an individual charge point, currently numbering 25 spread out through the car park. The system allows for additional charge points to quickly be installed, as and when demand arises.    


Residents benefit from easy access to charge points, including those who haven’t yet transitioned to e-mobility; they take comfort in the fact that access to a charge point on terms similar to early adopters, is within reach. With the application of smart charging technology, capacity is better utilized, and more connections can be made available on existing grid connection. Having Collectric as a single supplier ensures that EV-charging service (including everything from installation, to maintenance and management) are provided in a uniform, safe and efficient manner. The charging infrastructure is integrated with the fire alarm system and connected to a central emergency stop – in case of any emergencies, the charging infrastructure can thus be automatically or manually de-energized. Electricity costs are collected on a monthly basis and automatically reimbursed to the homeowners’ association. All in all a well thought out solution, that meets the needs of all stakeholders.


In the agreement between the homeowner association of parking garage Kraanbolwerk Zwolle and Collectric, all understandings have been formally documented, and thus we can count on a safe and scalable EV charging facility. By now, several dozen charge points have been installed, and the experience is that Collectric performs the work in a responsible mannerErik Boshoeve, member technical commission, VvE Stallingsgarage Kraanbolwerk