A new apartment building with modern amenities



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Imagine Rotterdam is a new apartment building in the residential district Parkstad Zuid, located at the entry of the Laan op Zuid. The apartment building consists of two  towers connected by a low-rise section. The largest tower with no less than 22 floors will house 162 owner-occupied flats. The lower tower houses 133 rental flats owned by Vesteda as rental housing. The underground car park consists of 120 parking spaces which will be used by residents of both owned and rental housing as well as a shared car operator.


Through its partnership with BAM, Collectric was introduced to AM, one of the leading property developers in the Netherlands. AM sought to encourage electric driving by granting residents easy access to charging facilities. A standard approach has been to pre-engineer an area (10-20%) of the carpark where charging facilities can be provided. This seldom works given the sporadic nature of eventual demand, often materializing outside the areas pre-engineered for charging. Acknowledging this, AM wanted to deliver a solution that worked, rather than simply ticking the compliance box.

Help of Collectric was sought to overcome a number of technical, safety and administrative challenges. The aim was to provide a solution that would allow affordable access to charging stations for anyone, anytime, transitioning to e-mobility. With Collectric’s approach in providing a central facility that can meet the demand – as and when, and more importantly where it emerges – this was possible.

AM and Collectric agreed service levels and pricing in a framework agreement for the owner occupied parking spaces, documenting amongst other, service terms vis-à-vis the end user. Separate arrangements were also made to precisely meet the divergent needs of Vesteda and the shared car operator.

Installation works are set to commence in 2024.


Developers are faced with demands to provide residents of apartment buildings with access to charging infrastructure. Drawing on its knowhow operating several such facilities, Collectric was able to come up with a viable and future proof solution that has unburdened AM in achieving its clean mobility ambitions. The solution provided has improved marketability of the apartments as buyers are rest assured that they have easy and affordable access to charging stations, now and in the future.


We strive for a sustainable living environment and encourage electric driving. Collectric helped us shape electric charging in a future-proof way. This has allowed residents of our apartment buildings to enjoy the comfort of home charging – Lucia Merema, Project Ontwikkelaar, AM