A corporate bank rolling out the red carpet for EV's



2 mins


NIBC Bank is a commercial bank located in The Hague. NIBC likes to think ahead and is known for its ‘can do’ attitude. The bank is located in an office complex with 25,000 m2 that houses close to 500 employees and a variety of tenants, The complex offers outside parking and parking garage with over 300 parking spaces.


Property management wished to modernize its charging infrastructure to better meet the charging demand of various user groups. To alleviate time demands, gain a better insight in infrastructure utilization and streamline transaction settlement, it appointed Collectric as charging service provider. Collectric developed an infrastructure deployment plan catering for increased charging demand in the wake of a car lease policy supportive of electric driving. Various user groups were identified with specific charging requirements (visitors, regular parking users and the management board). Each user group was serviced with a dedicated infrastructure ensuring sufficient availability, power output and fair compensation.


Outsourcing the charging amenity to Collectic has resulted in a better charging product at a lower cost. A consistent look and feel has enhanced the professional appearance of the property whilst sufficient availability is guaranteed.  Growth in charging demand has been embedded in the design enabling a smooth transition to electric driving.


'When faced with the next step for further electrification of (part of) our car park, we were fortunate to have the support of Collectric close by. We shared our medium and long term vision of how we wanted our multi-tenant complex to develop over the years and based on that together with Collectric this led to a phased electrification roadmap which we have since started to successfully implement. We especially appreciate the hands-on mentality and, being a co-user in the complex, close proximity of Collectric which we consider really makes a difference'.


Marco Hofman, Property Manager ‘The Zone’, The Hague