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Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo is owned by Maastricht University, Provincie Limburg and BASF. On the campus various businesses and knowledge institutes work together on innovations in the field of healthy and sustainable food, future farming and biocircular economy. The campus has multiple offices and research facilities and home to more than 70 innovative companies.


Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo sought to modernize and expand existing charging infrastructure at two locations within the campus, Innovatoren and Villa Flora. A competitive tender to find a suitable service provider was held. Collectric’s proposal was judged to be the best in terms of professionalism and completeness. Consequently, Collectric was granted a mandate to replace and expand the charging infrastructure at both Innovatoren and Villa Flora.

Collectric was responsible for the design and installation as well as for part investment in the infrastructure. This required a clear demarcation of responsibilities both during installation work and subsequent operation.

For both locations the challenge was to re-use as much of the existing distribution infrastructure as possible whilst improving the capability to expand the charging infrastructure over time at the lowest total cost of operation. Installation works were swiftly executed once all stakeholders aligned on design and implementation.


The existing facilities lacked key functionalities such as the ability to settle kWh costs and smart charging technology. Collectric’s infrastructure deployment plan has enabled Brightland Campus Greenport to meet tenants demand for adequate and scalable charging facilities whilst being completely unburdened with regards to the operations and maintenance thereof. Electricity costs are since start of operations settled on a monthly basis and facilities are automatically expanded with increased demand. The new facilities blend well with the modern architecture of the office buildings and give EV-drivers the impression that they are well taken care of.


'After a rigorous selection process, we chose Collectric for the realization and management of an EV charging facility at Greenport Campus Venlo. Both the preparatory discussions and choice of contract form and the implementation and service offered are to our complete satisfaction'.


Sjef den Dekker, Senior Facility Manager, HEYDAY Facility Management