Now available white paper setting out the impact of transition to e‑mobility on real estate
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Now available white paper setting out the impact of transition to e‑mobility on real estate


structured approach

structured approach structured approach

benefit from service levels

move forward with confidence

95% uptime

we commit to 95% uptime and can be on site within 24 hours in case of any equipment failure

quick response to demand

we develop and operate our facilities in a way which allows us to quickly expand with the growth in demand

min output guarantee

we commit to a minimum kW output per charge point (typically 3.7kW however this may vary depending on local circumstances)


we install and maintain our equipment in compliance with all relevant standards to meet insurance requirements

outsourced service delivery

we take care of it all

planning &

planning installation
  • capacity analysis
  • charging demand growth scenarios
  • infrastructure buildout plan
  • system design
  • installation

for a swift response to growing demand

operations &

operations maintenance
  • remote monitoring of equipment
  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • routine & breakdown maintenance
  • routine & breakdown replacements
  • infrastructure buildout

for a carefree service experience


commercial management
  • investment in infrastructure
  • point of contact for end users
  • contracting with end users
  • billing & collection
  • energy cost settlements

for removing barriers to the rollout of infra

different setups for different parking regimes

infrastructure needs to accommodate their unique requirements

distribution infrastructure


distribution infrastructure

Solution involves building distribution infrastructure that runs throughout the carpark, allowing us to reach any individual parking space. Use of the charging station is limited to the occupant of the parking space.



distribution infrastructure

Solution involves building distribution infrastructure that feeds a central charging bay. End-users know exactly where to find the charging stations. Use is open to anyone with access to the parking.

distribution infrastructure

end-to-end technical installation

add value to your property by offering charging services


charging station
  • max output of 22kW / socket
  • access with any charge card
  • energy measurement
  • premium EU suppliers

for a reliable service delivery


distribution infrastructure
  • distribution systems
  • safety and control equipment
  • cabling & connecting equipment
  • connection capacity upgrades

for easy and cost effective scalability


power management
  • measurement devices
  • networking equipment
  • control equipment
  • safety equipment

for efficient use of connection capacity


What happens if electricity demand (site load plus charging services) exceeds the site connection capacity?

We will invest in the expansion of connection capacity to meet charging demand.

What happens to the charging stations installed in the carpark prior to the start of Collectric's service?

Charging stations in place prior to start of service can continue to operate as is. We will replace them with our stations at the end of their useful life.

What happens if a station is defective or is at the end of its useful life?

We repair and replace stations at our cost throughout the contract term, ensuring safe and reliable operations.

What type of charging stations do you install?

We work with various premium Dutch and German manufacturers and will select and install a charging station that best fits with local circumstances.

How long does it take to add additional charging stations?

Once the distribution infrastructure is in place, we can install charging stations within two weeks of the order.

How does the owner/manager of the building make sure the installation is consistent with local technical requirements?

We will submit the proposed design for approval prior to start of installation works and document all modifications and/or additions.

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